The People That Make It Home

South Africa is our first home together, and when we leave in a few months, we won’t soon forget the people who helped make it home for us.  We are thankful for the smiling faces, the exchanges of stories, and the care that greet us every day.


Lindewe is focused and fierce, but her smile lights up her face.  She was reserved at first, until one day I brought her a homemade scone from our weekend breakfast.  Since then, she has shared her bright smile and sweet hellos with us.


Sophy is a mother and grandmother; to her own children and to us.  She eagerly asks about our weekend when we see her on Monday morning.  She listens to talk-radio as she ensures our house runs well. She scrunches her nose as she laughs.  Just as she did when I took her portrait, as she explained that her granddaughter does the same – making her pose for photos with sassy looks.


Rooi is our protective brother.  He and Bill exchange tips for weightlifting and an intricate handshake, and his sheepish smile breaks across his face when Bill makes a dumb joke.  He adores his wife, taking her out for date nights on his days off, and his children.  He tries out our first names when he’s feeling jovial, and he is serious as he closes our gate behind us.

We have just a snippet of time with these wonderful people.  They have let us into their lives.  We are so thankful for the kindness and goodness they have shown and taught us.



  1. Great portraits and great stories to accompany them. People come in and out of our lives, and I am glad you are able to appreciate these individuals while they part of yours!

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