Better Together

One year.

Laughter & tears.

Dancing in the kitchen to our made-up songs.  Counting the other’s snorting laughter as success.  .  .  .  Tears and I don’t even know why.  But you won’t let me dismiss them – you dig to find the roots.

Exploration & exhaustion.

Packing our cameras and backpacks, flying to somewhere new.  Driving on a dirt road, wondering if we screwed up, and uncontrollable laughter upon seeing the paved road we missed.  .  .  .  Working long hours, coming home tired.  But you run the kitchen, letting my restless mind work on my project of the week.

Dreaming & planning.

Afternoon lunch over sandwiches, dreaming of kids and passions and faraway places.  .  .  .  I sketch out the next five years – I turn from excited to overwhelmed.  You pull me from my tunnel and remind me to trust and dream and believe.

Neither of us is as self-sufficient as we thought.  Better together.  Meant to share weaknesses and lift when the other is down.

Laughter and tears and love overflowing.

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“And I shall betroth you to me forever.”


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