Just a shade over two-thousand-one-hundred.

In this digital age that’s how many photos you carry back from a dusty, whirlwind anniversary trip.  But Tanzania was worth much more than that.  We had a steady, kind, and unfailingly happy guide.  We saw things that you know happen in National Geographic images, but aren’t ever REALLY going to see.  We felt lost in the vastness of the created world, and swam in a sea of humanity.  The experience deserves much more than to simply shrug its images onto a hard drive.

So you distill it.

You refine what you’ve captured and do your best to make it capture what you felt, what you saw, and the story you were told.  From two-thousand-one-hundred to ten.  Here it is…

7U5A3723DSC_3605DSC_38037U5A3752DSC_37037U5A3956DSC_4316One of your best shots in AfricaDSC_43677U5A4304


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