Payne Christmas

The Payne parents requested that the whole family come together for Christmas as the final celebration of their 50th anniversary year, so all 14 of us gathered in South Carolina.

It was my first Christmas with Bill’s family, and I was treated to all the traditions: cinnamon rolls topped with sticky, orange-flavored frosting that makes everyone smack their lips and lick their fingers; gathering for a family photo in new Christmas duds despite the blustery cold wind; and the much-anticipated, much-talked-about Payne family Yahtzee tournament where nobody could top Papa John who redeemed his disputed South Africa tournament win.

Some of the best parts were the little things: one of the littles asking “Aunt Marie” to zip up their jacket; developing deeper bonds with siblings during grocery store runs; and making up a song about a cold day on the beach.

Cheers to joining a loving, fun, crazy family and developing relationships and memories that are just getting started. #paynedemonium



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