Cold North, Warm Family

The final leg of our leave-Africa-stop-in-Europe-home-for-the-holidays tour was Minnesota.  All of the Heglunds gathered for the first time since our wedding.

An energetic dog and a talkative toddler made home much more lively than any other year I can recall.  Ansel soon chattered requests for ‘Buh’ and ‘Ree’ to play with him and melted our hearts in the process. Finn worked to get any leftover food or attention that she could get her nose into.

The group of us shared dinners and games of Skip-Bo.  We reconnected with my aunt and uncle and cousins.  We opened belated Christmas presents and asked Mom to mend clothes.  We bundled up in the bitter, biting cold and soaked up the heat from the fireplace and felt at home.

It was a short time together, and we soon missed the little hand pulling us to play with his ‘neighs’ and the beers, cookies, and conversations shared with the adults.  Despite our sadness to say goodbye, we are ready to close our suitcases for at least a while.



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