About Us

Sojourn is our digital canvas, storybook, and gallery.  It’s a place for you to stop and stay for a brief while and take in the art; hopefully you’ll come back for another visit.  It’s a place for us to share stories and projects that we create along our sojourn on this earth.

Photo by Akhil Singh.

We’re on an adventure to figure out who we are, where we are, and why we’re here.

We met and fell in love in India.  There we set out on scavenger hunts to explore the city with cameras around our necks, we made breakfast for dinner, we spent hours in conversation on Marie’s ugly yellow couch, and we overcame the many ailments that Delhi throws at you.  We got married in Minneapolis, lived in South Africa for our first year of marriage, and oscillate between searching for the next adventure and walking through the routine of life at home, wherever that is.

Marie loves to see the beauty in every little detail and catching the moments of everyday life that make us human, connect us, and give us a universal visual language.  She laughs at dumb jokes, is fascinated by what fascinates you, and wants to get deep.

Bill is gregarious and a fierce protector.  He’ll most likely make you laugh, roll your eyes, or ponder something new.  He is stubborn and will fight to understand what’s at the heart of the people he cares about.

We created this because it will challenge and stretch us to share.  We are here to explore what else is out there and share that experience.  We want to share a stop on a narrow road to a small gate.  Thanks for meeting us here and staying for a bit.


All images (c) 2018 Marie Heglund Payne and William H. Payne, unless otherwise marked.